Course Content

Class 1 - Exercise, Nutrition & Relaxation

During this class, we will begin to study things you can do to keep your pregnancy low risk and you feeling healthy. This includes introducing and practicing together important pregnancy exercises that will help you to build strength and stamina necessary for labor. Another very important part of a healthy pregnancy is nutrition. Throughout the class we will help you to evaluate your diet and suggest ways to improve it if necessary. Class 1 ends with an introduction to relaxation. The first relaxation technique is taught, demonstrated, and practiced together so couples are confident in the technique to continue practicing together in their home. 

Class 2 - Hormones, Anatomy & Natural Childbirth Education

We discuss the many ways a woman’s body changes throughout pregnancy, especially in reference to hormones. The class explores the anatomy and physiology of being pregnant as well as common discomforts and how to handle them naturally. Class 2 is helpful for partners because they leave with a better understanding of how dramatic a change pregnancy is on the woman’s body.  A new relaxation technique is introduced at the end of class.

Class 3 - First Stage Labor

We teach you about what to expect during first stage labor and transition. We learn about the parts of the body and how they are naturally affected during first stage. We will discuss normal labor variations so that you have confidence in your body and the birthing process.  We will begin to focus on comfort measures and give you many tools to help mom during this phase of labor. We will begin labor practices to prepare you for the big day.

Class 4 - Second & Third Stage Labor

This class teaches you what to expect during second stage labor. We learn about the parts of the body and how they are naturally affected during second stage. We will learn about pushing techniques and positions and discuss the importance of knowing your options during these phases of labor. We will touch on third stage labor and learn about things to do to get bonding off to a good start. We also have our first advanced labor practice. You will practice several positions and relaxation techniques while simulating and timing contractions.

Class 5 - Preparing For Your Birth

This class prepares you to create your own, personal birth plan. We will discuss different options you have and make lists of topics to discuss with your birth team. You will create a beautiful visual birth plan that lays out your top priorities for your birth in an easy to read display. You will also learn and practice a few advanced comfort measures to include in the final labor practice.

Class 6 - When Things Don’t Go As Planned

We will discuss common interventions and variations of normal labor. These included cesarean surgery, how to avoid complications, and how to know if interventions are necessary. Your final advanced labor practice will help you to feel prepared for your labor. We will review and cover some advanced comfort measures and laboring positions to ensure you have the tools you need to have the birth you desire.

Class 7 - Doulas & Postpartum Care

We learn about doulas and how they can help mom and dad during labor, birth and postpartum. We discuss jobs that other support people can have during labor and birth. We also emphasize the importance of the partner being present during the entire birth process. From lochia to breastfeeding we discuss what is normal and when to be concerned during the immediate postpartum days.

Class 8 - Breastfeeding & Newborn Care

In this class, we will talk about ways to get breastfeeding off to a good start, including recognizing a good latch, common problems, and how your body works to feed your baby.  You will learn different positions and their benefits and how breastfeeding can benefit everyone in the family. We will also discuss newborn care and what your baby needs in their early days of life. Partners will also learn ways to bond with the new baby.