Julie O'Neill

(321) 223-5468

Congratulations on your pregnancy and the upcoming birth of your baby! A new chapter in your life begins with the birth of your child. I believe birth is one of the most empowering and joyful experiences in a woman’s life, and in a couple’s life. My goal as your doula is to help you look back on this “birth”day and remember it with joy.

I became passionate about birth as I was preparing for the birth of my daughter, Haley.  I knew I wanted to have a natural, unmedicated birth and the experience was life changing. I have a background in prenatal massage so I bring with me over 10 years of practice and knowledge of the pregnant woman’s body and relaxation techniques.  I am a retired La Leche League Leader so I can offer support to you as you and your baby are learning to breastfeed.  I have been a birth doula since 2007.  Supporting families in this exciting and transformative journey is what I love!  I love seeing the joy that they radiate as they welcome their little one into their arms for the first time.  

I am also a trained Childbirth Educator and super passionate about teaching women and partners what to expect and how to prepare for their birth.  We teach the birth giver and birth partner about all aspects of birth, nutrition, exercise, breastfeeding, and postpartum care.  We also spend a lot of time practicing relaxation and doing labor rehearsals in class so that your partner can be great support for you during your birth.  I bring this knowledge with me during our prenatal visits to help you plan and prepare for your birth.  

As your doula I would support you and your partner during childbirth with massage, relaxation and visualization techniques, position changes, aromatherapy, music, encouragement, education, photographs of the labor and birth if you desire, and any small details that need taking care of. We typically meet before your birth twice to discuss what your priorities are for your birth and how I can best support you, as well as provide education and practice with comfort measures.  I can support you in a home, birth center or hospital setting.

I am always continuing my education and learning more so that I can provide most complete and comprehensive care to the families I support.  I am a trained Hypnobabies® Hypno-Doula.  Some additional trainings I have completed include:  Spinning Babies® and Dancing for Birth™.  My services include: continuous support during childbirth, two prenatal visits, two postpartum visits, unlimited phone and email support throughout your pregnancy, and access to my lending library.  I also offer postpartum doula services for an additional fee.  Discounts are available when combining services.